About Laurence

Laurence Power is a retired business professional. When Catherine, his wife of 50 years passed away, he researched and wrote Black ’47, a story of the Great Irish Famine of 1846-49 that forever altered the path of Irish history.
His current work, The Vision of ANTJE BAUMANN, came about by accident when, on a business trip to Holland, he met with ordinary Dutch families who had played their part in the survival of their people and country. He had been aware of much of the dreadful happenings in Holland during the war years and of the aftermath but he knew little or nothing of the heroic nature of Dutch resistance to Nazi terror. When he was into his seventies Laurence returned to Holland and rode a bicycle around Arnhem and over many of the sites of the airborne landings and of scenes of battle. He came, he saw, he listened and he was glad. Though his book covers the entire period of occupation it was the drama and scale of events at Arnhem in 1944 and the hunger winter that followed that drew him to write the story.
He lives in County Kildare in Ireland and is currently researching and working on a book that will reverberate in a few countries, hopefully in 2019. His cycling days are over but not his writing days…not yet.